What is a "ghost light"? And what the heck does it have to do with a cafe?

Our name pays tribute to an ages-old theatre tradition of keeping a single electric light on when the theatre is empty. There are various takes on this superstition, with many believing that a ghost light is there to stand vigil over the unoccupied theatre and ward spirits away, and others believing that the light is there to keep spirits company (and give them a safe space to test out their acting chops). Practically, it ensures a safe return for the first technician opening in the morning.


 What allergy/dietary options do you have? 

We always try to make our product accessible to everyone, no matter their restrictions. We offer the following:
- Vegan Croissants
- Oat Milk for Drinks
- Gluten-Free Treats (coming soon!)
- Decaf Coffee

We are also a nut-free kitchen (sorry almond croisssant lovers!). While we don't have nuts in the ktichen, we do have ingridents that may have come in contact with nuts such as seame, poppy seeds, coconut oil, sunflower, and raisins. 



 What butter do you use? 

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 What do you make? 

All we do is croissants! 

Everything we do is handmade by our bakers in-house. Because of the extremely labour-intensive nature of croissants (we are always working 3 days ahead!), once we're sold out for the day, we're sold out!


 Where is the best place to park? 

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 What is the best way to keep my croissants (if   they last that long)? 

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